Saurian Lexicon

Maurizio Giammarco Trio and Quartet – Gala – 1991 Duck Records 2006

Maurizio Giammarco (saxes) – Franco D’Andrea (piano on #4.5.9) – Dario La Penna (guitar on #2.3.7) – Paolino Dalla Porta (bass) – Manhu Roche (drums)

Saurian Lexicon is the first album under my name released after the Lingomania experience. Recorded with the musicians I was playing with regularly at that time, and the precious participation of the pianist Franco D’Andrea (a national jazz icon), the album includes some tunes, such as Sconclusione and Running Loose, which I continued to play also later . Time passes but, I can say, not so much for this record.