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Maurizio Giammarco e Parco Della Musica Jazz Orchestra – PDM REcords 2011

Maurizio Giammarco (conduction, tenor sax); Gianni Oddi, Daniele Tittarelli, Gianni Savelli, Marco Conti, Elvio Ghigliordini (reeds); Fernando Brusco, Claudio Corvini, Giancarlo Ciminelli, Aldo Bassi (tpts); Mario Corvini, Massimo Pirone, Luca Giustozzi, Roberto Pecorelli (tbns); Pino Jodice (keyboards); Luca Pirozzi (bass); Pietro Jodice (drums)

This double CD, reviewed four stars on Down Beat, contains the flower of the composition and arrangement work developed within the Parco Della Musica Jazz Orchestra. PMJO has worked inside and outside the Rome Auditorium, where was the resident big band, from 2005 to 2010, with numerous original projects and with world-renowned artists. However this CD documents only the original music of the main protagonists and arrangers of the Orchestra: Giammarco, Corvini and Jodice.