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Cieli di Sicilia — Maurizio Giammarco

Maurizio Giammarco

Cieli di Sicilia

Cieli di Sicilia
is a suite in eight parts, lasting about forty minutes, inspired by some sicilian places, significant for me, and its people. The theme was a great stimulus to explore different dimensions in the use of the big band.

Starting from a tribute to a land among the most beautiful on the planet, the suite also wants to reflect on the historic crossroads of cultural contaminations, perpetually animated by strong contrasting energies in which, emblematically, the contradictions typical of the peninsula converge to the highest degree. The idea follows the famous statement by Goethe: “Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the spirit: only here is the key to everything”.

The heart of the suite consists of a dedication to Giovanni Falcone, the judge who was the victim of the sensational mafia attack on May 23, 1992 in Capaci, where he died together with his wife and three escort men. Dedica ideally extended to the colleague Paolo Borsellino, to whom he touched a similar fate shortly thereafter. The two servants of the state paid the maximum price for their rigorous and at the time winning fight against organized crime. In that musical section there are alternating notes of longing nostalgia to rather ferocious collectives: sounds aimed at recalling the story of these two Sicilian heroes, models of integrity in a very delicate moment in the political and social history of the country. The work was originally commissioned for the Mediterranean Jazz Orchestra, at the request of its historical director Nello Toscano, and recorded for Anagliphos Records.